Depression Era Survival Skills

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  • There is no denying that survival skills are just a good thing to have even if all is well. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can adapt and survive no matter what comes your way. People like to think that there will never be a need for “off the grid” living or that it's ridiculous to have a “survivalist mentality” about life however as we have seen from history things can go from bad to worse in a matter of moments.

    During The Depression there was no technology nor was there any of the simple luxuries that we have come to use daily, yet they survived. They lived and made due with what they had, they fed their families to the best of their abilities and somehow managed to get the world back on track.

    I believe that if we look to them we can find what it takes to survive in a crumbling environment.

    Here ar some traits that we should mimic

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    1. Don Grasso said:

      More then likely, this government does not learn from the their past history

    2. heather said:

      balance in all things but if you rely on your own government to take care of you its not helpful as governments topple everyday.its best if you think for yourself and take all opportunities considering our weather here in america has turned more extreme. When new england went thru the storm irene it was by that my family had just moved from a bad part of town so we had no clue what had happened and the devastation we saw was simply nothing our neighborhood microcosm. when we saw the devastation down the road from us i started to think what if it had been like the town of dover in vermont where the town became an island due to flooding. One must begin to think of all opportunity and what forseeable consequence it could have in a good and bad situation to be the most prepared.If your in an underground bunker that floods thats not cool but if a nuclear bomb drops in an area where there is no potential for underground shelter thats not either,.to me its finding balnce and not waiting for someone else to figure out whats best for me however stockpiling isnt worth a plug nickel as eventually it runs out then what? so i say stock pile a little bit of stuff you know is hard to c ome by and which is basically vital to running your life and household. tp and dish soap is can never let you down, bar soap and shampoo, water cleaning filteration items of more than one type and in the wild there protein its the carbohydrates that are hard to find. so rice and instant potatoes are a great idea as well as dry milk.milk and potatoes are a whole meal so think in terms of whole meals and vitamins. sugars for moral boosting and what are you going to do with your trash? the ideal shelter will keep you warm and cool and be bomb and flood proof. monolithic homes and cal earth type homes are best suited for what the weather holds for us.its easy to maintain and anyone can build one. and when it comes to the economy frugality using things up wearing things out and trading maybe your best resource but also rebuilding or getting creative and putting your own spin on an idea. lke the dress that changes color when you turn it inside out and pants that can become a skirt what else can the soda can your holding become. thinking creatively thats really important. But also having a means of are you going to get what you need to where you need it to be?