Create a Portable Tabletop Fireplace Just in Time for Thanksgiving.

  • We are all looking for that perfect centerpiece to tie the room together. As family and friends gather, we want the warmth of charm of the holiday to fill the air as we celebrate together. We spend so much of our money on so many things to make this day the best it can be that we jump for joy when we find something that is low cost with big rewards. This year our favorite may have to be the portable tabletop fireplace! It can be used as a great centerpiece both inside and outside the home. Here are some of the things that you will need.


    • marine silicone
    • cheap glass frames (these need to fit around the edges of your planter)
    • rocks
    • any kind of metal mesh (available at hardware stores)
    • gel fuel
    • any metal planter with a lip (edge)

    Once you have the items handy, that's when the fun begins.Here are 10 simple steps for the perfect tabletop fireplace.


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    1. You're going to want to make a glass box by using the silicone to bind the four pieces of glass together. Be careful not to smear the silicone. This may require you propping up the glass to allow for complete drying.
    2. Put another layer of silicone over the edge of the box and flip it inside of the planter making sure there is enough room near the center of the box for the metal mesh that you purchased. It will rest on top of the lip of the planter. Now place the gel fuel can in the center of the planter.dunndiy-seattlewa-tabletopfirepit-18
    3.  Place your rocks on the top of the mesh leaving some space in between them so that oxygen can get through. If you don't  then the fire will not stay lit. Also, make sure the rocks you use are heavy for their size as lightweight rocks may explode and nobody wants that!
    4. Making sure that the gel fuel can is not covered you can now light the fuel.

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    1. Tom Van Winkle said:

      What a great little co generator. Perfect for confined spaces.
      Duct the exhaust outside, don’t gas your family.