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Ever Use a WoodWorking Router? It Does So Much!

Like Woodworking?  Check out this fellow in the video that claims if you’ve never used a woodworking router…you’re missing out.  He claims it is the single most versatile tool in the world.  Some of the variety of uses are to cut unlays, shape wood, drill clean holes, cut traditional joints and create adzed bowls are

Tips For Preventing A Heatstroke!

What is a Heatstroke?  A Heatstroke by medical definition is a core body temperature that is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  Continued exposure can rapidly degrade the health of someone who is having a heat stroke with a LARGE variety of afflictions.  You are more likely to suffer a heat stroke if you’ve gone for a

Flora: Programmable Tech For The Explorer In You

How cool is this?  The faceplate tech that you are looking at is known as Flora.  The Flora Faceplate is illuminated by LED lights depending on what setting you currently have the watch on.  What’s even better is that Flora can serve a multitude of purposes besides a watch. Once you’ve acquired the tech you

Learn To Make Sugardine, A Cost-Effective Anti-Septic

In some areas and in survival scenario’s, Anti-septic will be hard to come by. Prepare and learn this Simple Survival DIY that will teach you an effective remedy for anybody that does not have easy access or cannot get access to anti-septic medicine. The main ingredient is Sugar! Sugar has been widely used in many

Got Jigs? This Guys Got over 50, At Least!

If you’re familiar with woodworking, then you’re definitely into jigs.  A GOOD jig is one that can do it’s job and be used repeatedly and accurately.  This fellow has quite an array of jigs all designed with different spec’s from the years of study in his craft.  Need a jig?  Or least an example of

[VIDEO] A Cut Above the Rest: Drill Your Own Well

THOUSANDS of these manually drilled wells exist AROUND THE WORLD.  For some, more planning is required then others.  Consideration for location and hydrology are some of the assessment factors. These wells have plenty cost-effective advantages the best is having your own water supply and being more self reliant.  Consider this thoroughly if you have the