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10 Essential Items To Prep & Have Stored In Your Home

10 Essential Items To Prep & Have Stored In Your Home

However your stance on the way modern times are shifting, it NEVER hurts to be prepared. With every catastrophe leading us more and more into uncertain waters, it’s critical that you prep and ensure that, IF anything (Or Everything) ever goes wrong with civilization, you’ll feel safer knowing that you’ve done your part in securing

Amateur Surveillance Set Up For Your Home

This is a basic guide to building a simple security system. The tips provided are a starting point for anyone looking to add an additional security element to their home. If you’ve only been locking your house with padlocks (who does that unless you live in a shack??), this may definitely be up your alley.

Emergency Candles 60+hr Burn Time

DIY-able, 60+ hr burn time and all for under $2 a pop. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for candles, they are a GREAT prep item for less then ideal times. Oh and if (and only if 🙂 ) your feeling romantic, prep a nice homemade meal, turn down the lights, pop in

Do You Have A Concussion?

A concussion seems to be a common brain injury; albeit the most minor brain injury you can sustain. The word itself is a derivative of the Latin word Concutere meaning “to shake violently.” If you’ve ever had a concussion, the symptoms can be very subtle and even misleading. Taking the right precautions is of utmost

Tourniquet Know How. It Might Save a Life

People know OF Tourniquets and their basic application, but not many people know the CORRECT way to apply pressure and use a tourniquet to help stop bleeding. There are a number of major arteries and veins that, if bleeding from them, with no medical help nearby you can die pretty quick. That is why knowing

[VIDEO] Welcome to Life….After Armageddon

A pandemic has hit. It has been weeks and the world’s population has dwindled by two-thirds. You are now left, along with the surviving members of your family to endure the coming hardships. You will be tested!  Cholera, Dysentery and Famine are all in play now. Water is scarce, food is limited and the worst

5 Unique Ways To Start A Fire Using Water

Lightbulbs, picture frames, plastic wrap, sandwich bags & sodium ALL come into play as alternate ways of using Water to kindle a Fire. I wholeheartedly bet that a lightbulb will turn on in your head when you realize what part of the equation your missing… This handy-dandy trick will get you through any Zombie Apocalypse