Survival/Prep articles

Concrete Canvas – Amazing New Technology

Watch as two scientists test a fantastic new material that has all the elements of concrete, but is incredibly flexible and can mold to any shape. This material can withstand hammer blows, massive heat from a blowtorch and you can even stand on top of it! The material in question is referred to as Concrete

Warm A Room With Only A Candle & A Terra-Cotta Pot!

This is a useful, self-reliant alternative (AND effective) way that harnesses a small heat source, in this case – a candle, to produce significant heat. A Terra Cotta Pot, efficiently uses the limited heat rising from the candle, and through convection (this is important), amplifies it greatly to generate enough heat to warm small rooms

Learn To Catch Fish Without Using A Fishing Pole

This fascinating tool is among the easiest and simplest primitive-type fishing poles. Great info in case you’ve forgotten to bring a fishing hook or if you’re ever forced to endure the wild on know-how alone. Using the video on the next page as a guide, you’ll need a small stick and this simple technique and

Build Your Perfect Rural VS Urban Survival Kits

Do you know the difference between a rural & urban survival kit? There are key principals that should go into any survival kit such as food and personal safety items, but the quintessential difference between a GOOD survival kit & a FAILURE is individualised based on YOUR NEEDS. MY survival kit will NOT be the

$5 A Week, For A Year, Food Storage Plan

This is amazing.  This detailed and incredible plan schedule’s how, by spending just $5 dollars every week for 1 year, you’ll have stockpiled everything you need to survive to sustain two people for over a year! There’s even modified amounts for any additional members of your family and while this list my not reflect inflation

10 Common “Survival Food” Mistakes

Food and Water will the be MOST IMPORTANT items that any prepper will want to stock up on. Vital to survival, food is something that, as preppers, we never really feel satisfied that we have enough.  So whenever you see a sale on some delicious items that you can add to your survival pantry, you