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Build This Survival Shower For Under $20

Once the grid fails, do you know how long water will still flow? It’s said a few days, maybe a week.  Also depends on where you live By now, you really should already be storing plenty of water. If not, you really don’t have the luxury of considering to build this, and more probable, not enough

Explore Adding A Secret Passageway In Your Home

Ever considered, building & disguising a hidden room in your house, just like in the movies? You know you have!  This is really cool! Check out these secret passageways in the video on the Next Page. These guys will pretty much build whatever your mind can conjure up. Be great for storage, security room &

Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter

This tutorial will show you how to recreate a Berkey type water filtration device. Approximate cost will be about $30-$40 and a short build time. While not the fastest filter you can create, this system claims to be able to purify up to 14 gallons a day. Check out the Next Page for the instructional

Tin Can Rocket Stove

You can make one of these rocket stoves in a matter of 2 or 3 hours. The stove is light, travel friendly and mobile.  It’s concept was designed in the 80’s and engineered from an alternative energy education program. This works great & burns HOT, effectively reducing the output of smoke. See how it works

Crystal Power Cells – Can They Really Last Forever?

Ever heard of Crystal Power Cells? A Canadian Scientist by the name of John Hutchinson, who has extensive study in free energy & anti-gravity, created this eco-friendly invention. It’s said that you could power 6+ houses with just a room full of these Crystal Power Cells. Don’t believe the hype? You should really check out