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When Life Throws You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemon’s, No Matter How You Swing It, you can do plenty! The age ol adages of life’s lemon tossing ways result in a variety of fanciful uses with this sour treat that are only limited by the imagination.

5 Chapstick Hacks

Ever use chapstick? Of course you do, on those windy days that leave your lips feeling cracked you lather it on. There are several uncommon uses for chapstick that you are probably unaware of. Medical, Repair-Work & a handy fire-hack have made this item a valuable and extremely light resource that you should carry in

Dry, Cracked, Chapped Lips? DIY: Lip Scrub

When the wind’s a-blowing, chapped lips come showing.  Though, wind isn’t the only cause for your lips to crack.  You lips can dry out by licking your lips too often, dehydration, even toothpaste or consuming too much Vitamin A are all causes for your lips to split and develop painful fissures that will leave you

D.I.Y LIFE-HACK: Soda Fountain

Ever remain thirsty after finishing your soda only to realize that you need to go over to the kitchen to grab a refill? Ever not want to have to get up? Well, with this simple and easy D.I.Y. contraption, you’ll not only make your life easier but can have a glass of your favorite soda delivered