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The Natural Way Native Americans Stayed Healthy

We’re fortunate enough to live in a time period during which we have access to plenty of expert healthcare and medicines. We trust our doctors’ advice and experience when it comes to our health. Unfortunately, technology, chemicals, and other pollutants can hinder our ability to stay ailment free. To live a more naturally healthy life,

[Video] Survival By Paperclip & Other Everyday Hacks

Paperclips are one of those items that never seems to outlive its usefulness. Even as technology advances we find ourselves needing these items in one fashion or another. Chances are you can look around your home right now and eventually you will find one or two laying around somewhere. Over time their usefulness has gone from the

4 Myths About Bartering That are Simply NOT True

Bartering used to be a way of life and in many ways, it is still. Whenever we got to car lots, yard sales, pawn shops you will find many people haggling for what they want. Today it is known as negotiating but the idea is still the same. It used to be that bartering was the

This Mineral Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

We all deal with certain health problems that force us to watch what we eat, how often we exercise and make other lifestyle changes. One of the most common health problems is high blood pressure, particularly for those who deal with an insurmountable amount of stress. If you have this issue, your doctor probably gave