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Pouring Dawn Down The Toilet- Here’s Why

When I heard about this tip I had to laugh as it sounds like something I would have gotten in trouble for as a kid! In fact, when I told some of my friends about it, they looked at me with that “yeah right you’re out of your mind” look that they often get. I


5 Screwdriver Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

By the time we are 8 years old most of us knew how to use a screwdriver. We were introduced to them at a young age in various toy tool boxes, cartoons and action figures. Most people by a certain age know the difference between a Phillips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver and chances


How To Tie Lashings

This Skill Will Make Your Life So Much Easier! There are thousands of ways to tie things together using knots, ropes and lashings. It’s a skill not too many of us have anymore, simply because in modern society we rarely have need to do it. People in certain specialized professions still need to know this


How To Restore a Vintage Pocket Knife

This Can Make Nearly Any Pocket Knife Look Brand New! A pocket knife is one of those rare things that never goes out of style, and that is as practical, functional and versatile today — even with modern technology — as it was decades ago when people depended on it for pretty much everything. Even