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14 Genius Hacks Every Handyman Should Know

When you own a home or homestead it’s always great to know to how fix things when they break. Things happen and a lot of times they happen quickly so knowing the simplest most efficient way to resolve problems is always a good skill set to have. Most people that work in any type of repair

7 Creative Uses for Cinder Blocks

Cinderblocks are one of those items that I often see laying around in random places and sold in any of the major or independent home improvement stores.  I often wonder, what do people use them for? Sure, there is the obvious uses when it comes to building structures but like many things, there is more

Cleaning Hacks That Will Keep Everything Sparkling

We all fantasize about having that perfectly clean and spotless home. The truth is that life keeps us too busy to focus on consistently deep cleaning each and every inch of our homes. It takes time and energy that we often don’t have after a long day at the office, running errands or taking care

5 Everyday Pantry Items With Unique Uses

Marketing is a powerful thing. We see a product advertised for one use and that sets in our mind the precedent that the product can only be used for that one thing. The motivations for this is to sell you more products when in fact, one product can have a multitude of uses. In fact, if

12 Ways Our Grandparents Used Newspaper & Why We Should Too

It’s been a recent debate over whether there’s a downward trend toward the use of printed books and newspapers. The digital age has allowed us to easily access previously printed items on our laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. However, our grandparents show us that there’s reason to believe newspaper is still a valuable item in

How To Remove a Tree Stump Using Epsom Salt

As Diy’ers and Homesteaders we have found many ways to use products beyond their marketed ability. Ot seems that everything has its use and then some. Yet, this latest life hack has me scratching my head. When I first heard it I laughed with a sort of “yeah right” disbelief but like everyone, if I can

15 Oils To Treat Burns & How To Use Them

It happens to all of us. We get burned by accidentally touching a hot pot while cooking, laying out in the sun or getting too close to a fire. Depending on the extent of the burn, it can be a truly uncomfortable and/or painful injury. To treat it, we usually grab ice. What if essential