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Accomplish Some Belated Spring Cleaning By Tossing These 5 Kitchen Items

Accomplish Some Belated Spring Cleaning By Tossing These 5 Kitchen Items

Since the official time for spring cleaning has come and gone, we may have gotten away with doing the bare minimum in terms of tidying up and organizing our homes. However, the same fresh air and bright days of summer are still proof that cleaning can be done. Make it easier on yourself by knowing

Learn To Spot Credit Card Skimmers Using These Tips

Thanks to technology, our lives are made easier on a daily basis. Everything from air conditioning to cell phones to planes increase our efficiency and allow us to live more comfortably. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to technological advancement. Thieves, terrorists and crooks are able to hijack technology in order to access our most valuable and

7 Life Hacks We Learned From The Great Depression

In today’s world, we try to harness technology in order to make our lives easier. However, that technology can come at a price so we use life hacks in order to become more efficient. But before this more modern age, the human race had to use creativity and innovation to make their daily lives easier. During

How To Keep Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioning

  If you were asked to go without one piece of technology for a few months, which advancement would you choose? Your answer might depend on your lifestyle and your location. It also might depend on the season. You wouldn’t want to live without air conditioning during the summer, particularly if you live in a

5 Clever Ways to Use Onions Besides in Our Meals

If you walked into your kitchen now, would you have onions available? Chances are you probably would. They’re a meal staple and provide plenty of flavor. However, they’re not everyone’s favorite either due to their texture, taste or the fact that they make shed tears while you’re chopping. Even if you don’t like finding onions