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Wilderness Survival 105: Swedish Fire Torch

During the Thirty Years War in Europe, these were a popular item used for light, keeping warm and cooking. This particular strategy is unique because of how little you need. That being said you’ll need a decent size piece of wood as your fuel source and there is a pattern for cutting your word that

Wilderness Survival 104: Make A Dakota Fire Pit

A Dakota Fire Pit is an aerated strategy for constructing a fire with little or no smoke. Great for wilderness explorers and camping aficionados. To the US Marine Corps, the Dakota fire hole is a tactical scheme designed for stealth missions. The set-up allows the fire & smoke to burn below the surface and prevent

Lost In The Wilderness – Amatuer’s Edition Pt 3

Welcome back to the final part of our 3 part series. In this video our wilderness explorer rejoins us where we left him off last, which was constructing his shelter gathering food. He’s is join by another local explorer and together go through additional tips for surviving in the wild. Check out the final video

Lost in The Wilderness – Amatuer’s Edition Pt. 1

I love a good hike in the wilderness, forest or where any lush thick foliage is found.  Being outside in the natural elements is calming. You’re listening to nothing but the natural course of a world outside of the hustle & bustle of city life. It’s incredibly rewarding when you stumble upon a quaint river

Wilderness Survival Technique: Debris Hut

Ever sleep out in the wilderness? Without a Tent? If you wound up having to spend a night or two in wilderness, how would you go about building shelter.  Do you have any clue how? Lucky for you, this instructional tutorial will assist in building a Debris Hut (a make-shift shelter), on the off-chance your stuck and