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CHALLENGING DIY: LED Concrete Table w/Drink Cooler

CHALLENGING DIY: LED Concrete Table w/Drink Cooler

This alluring patio table raises the bar ever higher for D.I.Y-ers everywhere!  You’ve seen patio tables with coolers before, but this D.I.Y-er added LED lights to really blow everyone out of the water.  Mix in a little concrete and the aesthetics are marvelous.  This unique piece of furniture can be replicated, but with the concrete

D.I.Y. SHENANIGANS: Build a Fort! At Work!

Ever feel the need to separate yourself from the day-to-day routine of the workplace?  Places such as Google are taking a pioneer’s approach when it comes to chasing away the mid-day work blues.  Google has sleeping pods, golf courses and even a slide to let workers get from floor to floor!  This worker takes his

DIY: Solar Spirit Lights. GREAT for Halloween!

Halloween is inching ever closer to us.  These SOLAR SPIRIT LIGHTS are a fantastic way to really light up your walkway, hall or room!  It’s charged by the sun and extremely cost-effective. You can add your own flair by including something inside the jar that complements the color, or if you’re a Halloween buff, include

Make A String Pendant Lamp

Even if you’ve been D.I.Y.-ing for years, or you’re just an amateur, these STRING PENDANT LAMPS are a great project to do with your kids to brighten up your home in a very easy way.  The only problem that you’re going to have is deciding where to place these brightly colored beauties.  Halloween is coming