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The Gallows AWAIT!

Looks pretty real doesn’t it?  When the Hangman was stripped of the outer shell of clothes, beneath it lied a very easy make-up of PVC Pipe, Zip Ties and a simple motor that propelled the legs to “Kick”.  This Halloween i’m building this.  I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

Don’t Spend Over $30 on your Mummy!

Mummy’s can be a great addition to any set-up.  Even better if you’re not paying upwards of $100 bucks for one.  Check online.  Bet you can’t find one for under $100 and IF you do, (I doubt it), you STILL CAN’T beat the lower cost that DIY-ing your own Mummy will save.  I GUARANTEE IT!


Creepy, Scary, But Down Right AWESOME!  Building your Scare-Fest at home should be an adventure every year.  With this project you’re guaranteed to divert some attention and prep your guests for any other scares you have place.  This rotating Wheel of Death is not as challenging as it looks!  Have at it!

Lava, Lava Everywhere, So Let’s all Make a Lamp!

WHOA!  I think Lava Lamps are pretty mesmerizing.  The floating globs inside the glass of these illuminating lamps are lustrous and hypnotic.  The science behind how it all works is pretty fun, so this is a great DIY project to tackle with the kids.  If you’re into 1960’s RETRO FLAIR you’d should gear up your

Frozen LIQUOR POP! +21 D.I.Y. Time!

I get it.  You need a drink.  It’s a scorcher outside, your kids won’t leave you alone and for some reason the cat won’t stop tearing up your furniture or clawing at your curtains.  Then you hear the vacuum turn on upstairs only to realize your kids DON’T vacuum, so you run upstairs to find-

D.I.Y. – Melting Crayon Art!

Have you seen this yet?  This trendy and non-traditional way to use crayon’s make for a dazzling result.  Use it as a weekend (or even weekday) activity and add a dash of vibrant color to your life.  There are two devices you can use to melt away your troubles in a sea of ROYGBIY Which