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Christmas Tree Rocketry – Launch In Tree, Two, One…..We Have Lift-Off

Christmas Tree Rocketry – Launch In Tree, Two, One…..We Have Lift-Off

Watch how one family bides adieu to their Christmas tree.  It’s a bit dangerous, but awesome to see the tree launch up high in the sky. Using a simple emissions system, the duo manages to propel their tree sky-high and get a kick watching it barrel down to solid ground again It’s an impressive &

Meet The Man That Survives On NO MONEY

Do you think you’d be able to survive without money? Really think about this or a second CAN YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT MONEY? 98% of you cannot and it isn’t a surprise. It’s not like the grid was designed for penniless ponies. Here’s what the other 2% are doing Mark Boyle has been living WITH NO

Professor Revamps Dumpster Into A Home

University professor, Jeff Wilson, decided he was going to sell all of his belongings and move into a dumpster. Not quite an experiment, but it’s a definite call to action on exactly how little you really need in life to be happy. Wilson’s goal is to eventually bring his tiny home up to code and

Fontus: The Self-Filling Water Bottle

Fontus is an accessory for your bike that will actually gather water as you cycle around town. Pretty neat right?  Innovation at its best! Fontus is designed to collect moisture from the air and condense the water molecules to provide a 1/2 liter of water PER HOUR! (It is dependent on your climate though) The

An Amazing Discovery Worth Sharing

What this family in Wisconsin discovered in their backyard is Awesome! The Zwick family knew that they had a Cold War Bunker in their backyard. They just never did any exploring into it. Almost a DECADE later, they decided to do a little spring cleaning and see what wonders lay inside. So they opened the