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Amazing DIY-Constructed Organic Pools!

You’ve never seen a pool like this. Not only does the developer of the idea behind these pools provide instructional DVD’s on doing it yourself (!), but he’ll show you how to do it with MINIMAL RESOURCES. It’s really quite something, but don’t take my word for it, see the results from these pools on

Halloween DIY Time: Bleeding Head

Aside from the normal homestead & prep projects, I love Halloween. Pair that with a little DIY skill and I aim to haunt the lowly Halloween roads and earn my scares with creative resolve. Take this bleeding head for instance, add a little smoke effect and some visual lasers aiming right at the forehead and

Hack-In-The-Box Tutorial. Under $20!

Are you a faithful Halloween DIY-er? Second question. Can you believe this prop was made for UNDER $20?! Lastly, (And I’m serious about this one) Do you know what a Jack-In-The-Box is? I bet if you asked a younger generation, many may only check in with the fast-food version. I can’t remember the last time

Snacking Soon? Try Some Fried Maple Leaves!

Tastiness know no bounds. Out in Japan, the red maple leaves of fall are collected and fried in local shops and restaurants as a tasty little snack. Crunchy and with a hint of maple, these fried leaves are scrumptious & establish a, small, but synergistic form of snacking. Recipe on the next page, it’s simple!

See This DIY-er’s Wind-Powered Car!

Imagine a world where cars like these are littered among the streets. You may think it’s not an option (meaning a good option, LoL) or even comical. Don’t take it’s rustic appearance lightly, the concept of having a energy-efficient & non-smog producing vehicle can go a loooong way on slowing down the eco-footprint were leaving

Instructional Build For X-MEN Pyro Fully Custom Flame Wrists

Fan of the X-Men?  You gotta see this! It’s dangerously awesome! He’s built similar contraptions to replicate other X-Men powers like Magneto & Wolverine His name is Colin Furze and he’s outdone himself re-creating the super power ability to control fire, in similar fashion, as Pyro, from the X-Men, does. The tutorial on the Next Page

Custom Geographically Appealing Map Table

Isn’t this custom map table awesome? Lots of time goes into drawing a map, as well as color, and regionalized specifics. Cartography (The practice and study of making maps) combines aesthetics, science and personal technique into the work of detailing maps. Map’s are Art Forms in themselves, so really with this project, were just adding