Can You Survive On NO MONEY? This Guy Has For Over 5 Years & It’s Stunning How…

  • Would you be able to survive without money?

    Consider it for a serious second.


    95% of you cannot even fathom the thought – don't feel bad though.  It's not like the grid is designed for moneyless moochers

    Here's what the other 5% are doing

    Mark Boyle followed the time tested rhetoric; go to school, go to college, get a job.

    But in his final year of his Economics degree, he was enlightened by Ghandi's message which put Mark's plans for world domination & monetary acquisition on hold.

    I know the question you're all asking.

    What the hell is the point?  Why give up money?

    Hear the why and the how from the man himself on the next page (it's nuts!)



    1. Julie Scheckel said:

      In canada there are areas u don’t have to pay tax. And u can make ur own bullets. Bargain or trade labor for a gun and shoot illegally but who would know when ur in bfe? It’s doable if u think about it. People leave run down campers in places. One persons trash is another persons treasure.

    2. Julie Scheckel said:

      Not many people can through 50grand cash on a house…. That’s at a lower margin too

    3. Cathy Tuttle said:

      He IS living off others. Other peoples trash , other peoples land. he calls it “forging”. yeah, garbage picking OTHER PEOPLES trash. so yes he:s living cash free, BUT ONLY because he’s using other peoples things…

    4. Noah P Zarck said:

      Hes not veey good at it. Number 1 why is his woodstove not insiide his camper where he can cook and heat water. Not to mention hes living off others refuse. Hes no better then that ehining mememe thoreau living on emersons land

    5. David Lyons said:

      I think they call this counting on the kindness of strangers and mooching.

    6. Cole Evans said:

      He’s waiting for his White privilege package to fall out of the sky.

    7. John Dudar said:

      Now that its public the govt will come after him just watch and see

    8. James Stealey said:

      Total bullshit fake news. I’ve lived off grid for 10 years and it can’t be done 100% moneyless. Period !!! And I’ll openly debate anyone who disagrees

    9. Chuck Buchanan said:

      And when the world economy finally collapses people like him will be the only ones still surviving.

    10. Laura Brown said:

      A part of me would really love the try this. The other part of me reminds me that I can barely keep my own crops going.