Build A HomeMade Hydraulic Ram Pump

  • Having a water source near your home gives you an advantage not everybody has.

    If water supplies become are low or unavailable during periods of crisis, constructing a hydraulic ram pump can be an effective alternative.

    A hydraulic ram pump can be made from readily attainable parts locally available at any hardware store.

    The pump is solely powered by the weight and flow of your water source.

    Hydraulic ram pump's are extremely reliable.

    Most require little to no maintenance and are ideal for off-grid living.  One downside though – it won't work on wells

    A particularly effective no-waste system this device is 10% efficient which means that for every 100 hundred gallons of water about 10% will carry to your destination.

    The remaining water is returned downstream or riverside so no water is wasted.

    Pretty neat, right?  Watch the video below and visit ram pump's assembly construct page HERE


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    2. bob said:

      HAHAHA are you retarded lol wtf is the point of this thing with all that garden hose you have laying around? and the ladder on the roof Oh man best laugh I’ve had in months it’s guys like you that kept indoor plumbing a kind of wizardry for thousands of years. dude lol so funny

    3. Kenny Mitts said:

      would need ideal location.. putting larger pipe on pick up then reduce to one inch would help pressure. most folks wont have a good location let alone stream flow.. then worry about the water being bad

    4. Anthony Talley said:

      Either way, its much better than packing water great distances and exposing yourself just to get water…j.s…

    5. Nichol Ferguson said:

      Another lightweight alternative is an actual pump filter – many brands out there, the best features of any include:
      *cleanable ceramic or microsivve filter.
      *Compact size / high output
      *cylindrical pressure casing
      *easily replaced seals & O-rings
      *a non-brass mini fuel filter in the feed tubing to reduce clogging of the main filter.
      MSR makes a great product, but my WaterWorx snapped at the cap threads 3rd use. Worx2 has a lever action pump handle broke at the pivot. Warranty didn’t help in the BFE zone.
      Best I found was a little OD Green model… rather resembles a bike pump in 2 sizes:
      4″ and 6″. Easy to fling Amazon it eBay aprx $25. Search “GI Portable Water Filter”
      The O rings are standard, the plastic is Propaline so easy to repair. Adding the moped line filter was my own idea to reduce cleaning frequency and save time. Hope this helps.

    6. Leonard Allmon said:

      2 Check valves, 2 T’s ( All 1/2 inch pvc, 1 1/2 inch elbow 1/2 inch to 3 inch adaptor 3 ft. section of pvc, 1 3 inch end cap. Watch youtube vids, very simple build. One afternoon, and a sixpack of beer, and you will be good!

    7. Simon Box said:

      Been around since victorian times. We fitted one for a farmer, who shifted 2 kms from a sping to his dairy.

    8. Mark Perkins said:

      Probably a good idea, but the thought occurred to me that I could save this in my computer files. But in a crisis, I probably wouldn’t have power to use my computer. That makes this technology useless unless we go back to printing everything on paper and storing it in a real file cabinet.