Build A 1,000 Watt Wind Turbine To Power Your Off-Grid Home

  • If You Live Off-The-Grid Then You Already Know How Important Wind-Turbines Are…

    Since the invention of electricity and other things, we have became really spoiled. Whenever we turn on a light or blast the Air Conditioner we don't necessarily have to think how that occurred. It's a simple switch of a button.

    However, if you live off-the-grid and generate your own power then you know the mechanics behind everything and how it works. In other words… you are more careful about leaving things running.

    The best thing about having a Wind-Turbine is that you never have to worry about a large bill!

    Can you imagine blasting the Heater or Air Conditioner without having to pay the bill? How about leaving the lights on all day?

    This amazing idea uses the concept of wind technology – on a small scale – and a battery bank to create a way to generate power.

    You never know when a situation is going to happen and you are going to be left out in the dark. That is why this idea is perfect!

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    1. Woodland Acres Homestead said:

      And what about us people who are working a homestead for the first time, we have no income or way to make such an advanced turbine. In sticking with using an alternator for backup power.