Bound Hands? Escape From Duct Tape With This Easy Survival Hack

  • In an emergency if you get a free chance and your ‘captors' are looking away for a second you can try this.

    All you need to do is a quick ‘flick of the wrist.'

    Check Out This Video From Dateline.

    There is a demonstration showed with someone having their hands bound four times and she was still able to get away.

    Have You Tried This Before?

    Let Us Know If You Have Any Suggestions On How To Escape Duct Tape!



    1. Travis Minshall said:

      Let’s just say….. if I were to bound someone with duck tape there would be no escape

    2. Jason Dahlberg said:

      F’ing NBC blocked the content?!?! They must like people to get bound by duct tape. Jerks.

    3. Steven Richter said:

      Learn how to get out of handcuffs too. Thats a skill that you really should know how to execute.

    4. Chris Arnold said:

      Duct taped alot of people in my time and none of them have been able to escape

    5. John Wantz said:

      Video not available. But a heads up not to use duct tape when you get the urge to take prisoners.

    6. Mark Varry said:

      Video unavailable, people don’t want us knowing the secret 😮