Blacksmithing For Beginners: Make Your Own Forge & Start Hammering Metal

  • This Forge Is Able To Heat Metals To A Temperature Where It Becomes Easier To Shape.

    If you enjoy making your own fishing weights, jewelry or welding your own materials then this Forge is perfect. Why waste your hard-earned money renting on of these puppies out when you can easily Do It Yourself?

    Having a Forge laying around really isn't a bad idea. You can save a lot of cash when you make your own supplies. The best part about it is… you can melt aluminum cans, old metal scraps and iron without it cracking or leaking on you.

    This Forge is designed to withstand a lot of heat and pressure. If you are into welding, fixings things or making your own ornaments then you have to check this out.

    To Find Out How To Do It, What You Need & How Easy It Is To Put Together Please Go To Page (2)…

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    1. Ron Garrard said:

      With all the freaking hoops and ads you have to go through its not worth the article.

    2. John Wood said:

      There’s no way that wood frame would work for anything useful.

    3. Ben Skipworth said:

      With amazing step by step photos lol.
      I guess most people should be able to figure out out.