Banned in America. 10 Things You Can’t Buy Here in the States!

  • While America is the land of plenty there are still many things that we are forbidden from importing. While sure in some instances there are very good reasons as to why we shouldn’t be importing certain goods but the ones listed in the next video are just downright silly.

    To see the list of items we are not allowed to have here in the United States look at the next page.

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    1. Ron Higley said:

      This guy is so annoying I couldn’t get past the first one. Sry

    2. Jayson Stevens said:

      Kinder eggs
      Items made from dog/cat fur
      Sassafras root
      Foreign antiques
      Fresh ackee fruit
      Mirabelle plums
      Casu marzu


    3. Paul Pakenham said:

      Yet another page I have to unfollow due to the annoying format. Next page BS.

    4. Matthew Baldauf said:

      So glad they listed Absinthe. That pissed me off royally this oast year when I wanted some for my birthday and found out I wouldn’t be able to get it in time because I had to buy it from overseas.

    5. Philipp Merker said:

      You can get kinder eggs. Some Italian and middle eastern Deli’s carry it here in nyc

    6. Michael S Vandeventer said:

      Thanks for the list without the clickbait. However Absinthe is available in America. Saw it in Idaho and bought some in Alaska. Nasty stuff. Won’t buy a second.

    7. John Prieto said:

      The 47 clicks needed to see list means you’re either complete morons or don’t care about your audience. Not sure which is worse. Unfollow!

    8. Eric James Buchan said:

      Absinthe is completely legal and in certain states you can have it imported from another country to your front door

    9. Brian J. Tyler said:

      Slow loading clicks for adds is greedy and loses you subscribers. Please take hints from this comment and others like it. I could see an initial paragraph and then “one” click for the ad, then get a complete list. That’s fair enough I think.