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How to Make a Solar Bike Light With a Deodorant Stick

There is something refreshing about going for a bike ride as the sun is setting but as the seasons change it can prove to be hazardous if you’re not prepared. As much as bike enthusiasts everywhere love the plethora of accessories that the cycling world has to offer, we can all agree that there is only

7 Hunting Season Hacks for PVC Pipes

Avid hunters and sportsman around the world will tell you the cost for this lifestyle grows rapidly. From tree stands to feeders there is always something you need. That is why we came up with this list of 7 Hunting Hacks to help you alleviate some of those costs. So whether it’s deer, bear, duck or

How To Create A Battery Out Of A Soda Can

Have you ever needed a battery and couldn’t find one? It’s rather annoying and could prove harmful if you’re caught in a survival situation where battery power is required. So let’s look and see what it would take to make a battery (that works) from something as simple as a can of soda (or pop as many of

4 Ways To Create The Perfect Survival Bag

At one time or another, we’ve all thought about what we would do in the event the world spiraled into chaos, and we are forced to live a life without many of the commonplace luxuries we are accustomed to. The key to survival in an off the grid world is first having the right bag packed