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Elon Musk Believes There’s Something More Dangerous Than North Korea

Elon Musk Believes There’s Something More Dangerous Than North Korea

What would the technology industry be without companies like SpaceX and Tesla? Elon Musk’s innovative thinking and investment in technology has allowed the human race to make strides in technological advancement. He clearly thinks and leads in a way that the majority of us do not. So, while most of the country (and the world) is

8 Ways To Stay Alive When Stranded At Sea

The ocean is the epicenter of many favorite activities: fishing, surfing, swimming, parasailing, etc. The list goes on and on! Many of us even enjoy taking our vacation in the form of a cruise where we can spend 24/7 on the water. The world itself is made up of mostly water so we must recognize

7 Off-Grid Tips To Keep Healthcare Costs Low

Imagine a life that offers a peaceful, rural setting with self-sufficient property and a sustainable, independent energy source. It’s become known as living off the grid. Many people take advantage of this lifestyle by making a conscious effort to save on monthly costs and become separate from any government-run resources. While these benefits are attractive,

Banish Raccoons From Any Property With These 7 Tips

Most property owners have had at least one experience with a certain furry, bandit-looking creature that seems to get into everything: the raccoon. Due to their wily tricks, they can end up in your yard, your trash and even your home if you’re not careful. You don’t want to wake up one morning to find

Enjoy Cool Summer Nights With This DIY Outdoor Projector Screen

Despite the fact that the leaves might think it’s time to start changing, we still have plenty of summer nights left until the cooler months come. That means we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors whether that’s by hiking, camping or even having a beach day. However, if you’ve been hiking and camping all summer,

Hammock Basics For a Night Spent Outdoors

Whether you’re a camping newbie or a seasoned survivalist, you know that an absolute essential for a night spent in the woods is a tent or hammock. Both provide us with a place to rest in a peaceful manner–at least that’s the hope. If you’re given the choice between bringing a tent and a hammock, you