8 Weird Ways Our Ancestors Kept The Bed Warm During The Winter

  • If a collapse occurs and you are without power and heat, here are interesting ways our ancestors kept their bed warm in winter that you can use to stay warm!

    We all have modern conveniences like electricity and heat that help us stay warm during the bitterly cold months. However, if a disaster or emergency occurs, you might find yourself without power and heat for several days, weeks or even longer. This means that you will have to think of ways to stay warm so that you can avoid freezing during any survival situation.

    This is when most of us preppers and survivalist think of how our ancestors used to do things. After all, they didn't have electricity and only had a stove or fireplace as a heat source. This means that had to get creative when trying to stay warm while they were sleeping during the winter. If you use some of these methods that they did, it may just be the key to keeping you alive during a harsh winter in the middle of a collapse!

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