73 Year Old Man Survives Great White Shark Encounter After it Jumped Into His Boat

  • Talk about the mother of all survival stories, this one is almost too insane to believe but it's true.

    An Australia man was enjoying a nice day of fishing in the same spot he has always fished at for the past fifty years when something happened that he would never have believed had it not happened to him.

    As Selwood dropped his line a 7 foot long 440-pound shark leaped into his boat!

    “I just caught a blur coming in the corner of me eye … and this thing hit me in the forearm, spun me round and knocked me off me feet,” Selwood told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    In all of his shock, he fumbled around trying to get to safety as much as he could as the shark, without water and unable to breathe kept thrashing around violently.

    Now thankfully Selwood told NBC NEWS that he “lost a bit of skin” and was bleeding after the shark joined him on the 15-foot vessel.

    “It was a bit dramatic,” the retired construction worker added.

    In fact, it was so dramatic and unbelievable that even the coast guard officers thought he was telling a tale until they saw it with their own eyes.

    “Oh my God, look at that! There’s a shark in your boat!” he quoted them as saying. Bill Bates, the skipper of the rescue vessel that brought Selwood to safety, told NBC News that the incident was “totally out of the ordinary.” He added: “We do get a lot of sharks in the area, but we don’t get sharks that have jumped onto boats.”

    Despite his close encounter, Selwood has not lost his sense of humor or his sense of adventure as he confirms he is eager to get back out on the water.

    “I think next time I might find a crocodile to wrestle, just to stay in the limelight,” he joked.


    Source: NBCNEWS




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