60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For Twenty-Four Hours

  • Take Care Of Your Figure & Power Your Entire Home At The Same Time – This Bike Will Soon Change How We Get Electricity… This Is Incredible!

    Electricity is an important part of our daily lives. We need power for our Ipads, phones, appliances, …, you name it. Without electricity, societies cannot function properly. This has been shown to be true time and again during disasters.  What would you do if all of a sudden there was no power where you live? No lights, no way for you to call 911, no way to stop the food from getting ruined in your fridge?

    Well, now you can do something about it with this incredible bike. This company has invented a bicycle that uses human energy – that is, you pedaling for only one hour – to produce enough electricity to power your entire house for a whole day. It's called Free Electric and it may be one of the most important inventions in the last one hundred years. With this bike, you'll never run out of electricity and without creating any pollution. In one hour, you can produce over 1,000 watts of electricity. This is the cheapest, most effective way to generate power.

    This is a great tool for those who have no power access on a regular basis. About 3 billion people, roughly half the world's population, lack electricity. With this bike, they can get Internet connection, lights, hot water, etc, and improve their living standards.

    So, whether you are into green living, want to exercise, or are in dire need of a power source, this bicycle might just be what you're looking for.

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    1. Thomas Kirby said:

      Better put guards on that flywheel. It can hurt children and pets.

    2. Dave Landry said:

      That’s only 1kwh. We currently use around 11 to 14. Would still be an ok contribution if a few people in the house used it for an hour each.

    3. James Duncan said:

      Interesting concept. It would make a good addition to solar and wind. Still, storage is the weak point for electricity.

    4. Andrew Wright said:

      Kind of a hoax…this concept has been around for decades, with updated window dressing every free years.

    5. Nick Abate said:

      You could probably build this with a stationary bike and a decent alternator on either side. You’d probably have to create some sort of gearing to get your rpm bike pedaling rate up to around 600 rpm’s on the alternators and for the alternator on the side turning opposite the rotation of the alternator to reverse the rotation, but an hour on that would probably generate a fair amount of power.

    6. Nick Abate said:

      How is this fake news? It’s a bike that makes electricity. The headline is a bit misleading because it doesn’t create enough power to power an entire house in America where the typical kWh consumption is 30. But he’s not marketing it for the typical American house. They’re marketing it to small houses in 3rd world countries that might have a few light bulbs and a few phones to charge. It does make about .11 kWh which is sufficient to run a few light bulbs and charge a phone, so in a pinch this would work to do the same here, you just couldn’t completely divorce from other forms of power based upon this one input for normal power usage.

    7. Tom Van Winkle said:

      Makes 1,000 watts in an hour? How do you think that’s enough to power a home?!?!

    8. Timmy Christy Ziemer said:

      It was invented by the guy who owns 6 hour energy drinks. He gives them away in underdeveloped nations. No way it would power a typical American home for more than fifteen minutes. Still cool invention but misleading title as usual. Stop click bait.

    9. Bill Mc Keighen said: