6 Tips to Help Protect Those Chickens

  • When you own chickens and are raising them for eggs and meat, you understand the risk of what happens if one of them is injured. Sadly this can mean the difference between eating or not eating in some severe cases.

    The idea of raising/protecting your flock is not just for homesteaders either. Survivalists need to understand the importance of having animals around to help provide nourishment and sustenance to help everyone survive.

    Predators are a fact of life and they are everywhere. Opposums, Racoons, Foxes, Hawks…these are all some common predators of chickens so if you are going to raise chickens, keep reading to see some ways you can go about protecting your investment.

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    1. Rodney Byrd said:

      I keep a light on at all times inside my large coop. The chickens stay near it at night. As long as it is on, the other critters stay out.