5 Facts About The Show Trading Spaces Most People Never Knew

  • Any DIY usually has their favorite television show that fulfills that DIY obsession. Many have multiple shows in fact, or they simply park it on HGTV and call it a day. Either way, DIY television has been a staple for cable networks for decades and it has seen substantial success on both mainstream television stations as well as some not so well known channels.

    Fast forward to TLC. The Learning Channel is known for some of its major hits having to do with everything from weddings, to babies and one of their most popular shows Trading Spaces

    This show took DIY and design to a new level of trust by putting the fate of your home into the hands of your friends and neighbors. Millions of people tuned in every day to see the next episode and sat glued to their television waiting for the final reveal.

    Unscripted these friends would reveal to the other what they have done with their homes. Most of the time it was met with a happy squeal and a joyful yelp but there were sometimes that the plans went horribly wrong and missed the mark on all accounts….it made for great television.

    Yet there are things about the show that many who watched were unaware of..so let's discuss those here…

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