4 Reasons an Outdoor Boiler is Better Than a Wood Stove…This Was a Real Eye-Opener!

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    Many people, particularly DIY-ers and homesteader, prefer heating their homes the old-fashioned way, namely a wood stove. After all, they do make the house quite warm and cozy, and they have the advantage of not using fossil fuels. Instead, all you need is a few logs of wood and you're good to go. However, there's a more efficient way to heat your home, and it's one you may not think of because it involves installing something outside your home instead of inside.

    So what is this method that's so much better? It's an outdoor wood boiler, and it's our new favorite heating system. Like a wood stove, it allows you to forego fossil fuels. However, it's a lot more flexible in terms of what you can use, because they work well with any type of wood. Plus, they have the extra advantage of helping your house stay cleaner, because all of the bark, dirt and bugs stay outside instead of making your living room a mess.

    For four more reasons why an outdoor boiler is better than a wood stove, please continue to Page (2) for the full list.

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    1. Dale said:

      I heated with a Hardy H4 for 20 years. Kept the house toasty warm and we never ran out of hot water. I burned 1 truckload of firewood every week and I saved enough money on gas to pay for the joint replacement I will one day need in my thumbs. I wore them out working firewood and feeding the beast. Go with an energy efficient heat pump. It’s just as cheap as gas, it’s cleaner and the model we have keeps our house very comfortable. We use indoor wood stoves for when the power goes out, but looking back, buying the outdoor boiler was a huge mistake.

    2. Michael Bandeko said:

      Wood Hawgs! Everyone I know that has one is burning 10 cords a year. Make sure you have a very large woodlot.

    3. Richard Anthony Tavernia said:

      yes but a wood burning stove will still heat your house after the power goes out will your out door boiler do that? No I didn’t think so.

    4. Michael Bandeko said:

      My buddy is heating 864 sq.ft. He is burning 10 cords a year in his. My place is 896 sq.ft. I am heating with a free standing wood stove and I use about 5 cords a year.

    5. John Grant said:

      That doesn’t make any of the info by! And if you have a battery backup…they work just the same! My wood stove has a fan on it…so when the power goes out my Woodstock don’t put out as much heat! So should I say it doesn’t work?

    6. Joe Wade said:

      Dont waste yer time or money unless you have an unlimited supply of wood…

    7. Michael Bandeko said:

      Something else to think about, is most outdoor wood furnaces use a fairly large stick of wood. 36 to 48 inches. Are you going to be able to handle that large of cordwood as age? I am 60 I can attest that I don’t handle wood like I did when I was 30 or even 40.

    8. Christine Strang said:

      Our neighbor has one, fogs the whole neighborhood when he has it going which can make it hard to breathe.

    9. Scott Weiler said:

      Eat a ton of wood, and a lot of states banned them for there environmental impact.

    10. James Stealey said:

      Good wood stove 800$-1200$ complete outdoor stove conversion and installation 4000$-5000$. Most “homesteaders” I know have a modest budget.

    11. Michael Bandeko said:

      They require electricity to operate. Worthless in a power outage. The best value for a serious wood burner to heat your house I have found is the Englander NC-30. Less than $1000 from Home Depot.

    12. Rich Totall Williams said:

      I have a all nighter it will take a 24 inch peace of wood no problem got it for 150 25 years ago never let me down

    13. Mike Hunkins said:

      A friend of mine has one. She goes through over 10 cord of wood in a NH winter. Sure, she can burn pine, and she can get it for free but it still has to be bucked up and split. That is a ton of work, and she is a single mom. You will need a lot of chainsaws and a good log splitter.

    14. Anonymous said:

      You can burn soft woods in a wood stove. Also a wood stove is way better for the environment, as it burns a whole lot cleaner.