4 Natural Disinfectants & 4 Chemicals To Avoid in Store-Bought Cleaners

  • The time for spring cleaning has come and gone, but our homes are constantly in need of some maintenance and cleaning. Some of us love spending the afternoon making all of our rooms and surfaces sparkles while others dread even the thought of doing the dishes.

    Regardless of your stance on cleaning, it’s time to take a hard look at what’s in the products you’re using to clean and sanitize your space. While your typical store-bought cleaners will make your home look great, it could be damaging your health and the environment. There are many other safe and natural disinfectants we can use as an alternative to keep both our home and our health in good shape.

    Continue on to learn which substances you should watch out for in store-bought cleaners as well as which natural disinfectants to use for a more natural approach to cleaning!

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